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10 tips to promote your business on Instagram

Types of publications, best times to post, specialized coach… Follow the 10 tips below for success.

10 tips to promote your business on Instagram - Chris tdl


Now essential, social networks are very effective acquisition and retention levers for thousands of businesses. By using them correctly and creating the right content, many companies can increase their bottom line and create strong and engaged social communities around their values. So, how do you actually go about promoting your business on Instagram?


Why use Instagram to market your business?

Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… We don't count any more social platforms these days! And for good reason, these new modes of communication have become essential in the French and international marketing landscape. From now on, it is essential to integrate them into your communication strategy, in order to be able to reach your audience and make your business work.


Some numbers

To better understand your interest in launching into a communication on Instagram, here are some figures for 2020, published by Digimind that speak for themselves:

● 2 million: the number of advertisers in the world who use Instagram for communicate,

● 200 million: the number of Instagram users who consult at least one professional profile every day (moreover, 90% of them are subscribed to at least one brand on Instagram),

● 83%: the proportion of active Instagram users who use this social network to discover new products and services.

10 tips for promoting your business on Instagram

Whether on the strategic or technical side, you need to apply the following 10 tips to promote your business on Instagram.

Define your editorial line

Getting started on Instagram isn't just about creating an account and posting a few pictures. Using this social network to market your business should be well thought out. For this, you must define your editorial line. First, think about who you are going to talk to and define your different targets. Then list the different themes that you will cover in your publications to capture their attention. Remember to think about the lexical field and the tone you are going to use, they will be essential.

Design a graphic charter for harmonious feed

It is thanks to the algorithm of Instagram and the users of the platform, that you will be able to gain visibility and develop your community. To be able to appeal to both, you need to think about a harmonious graphic charter for your feed (your profile). Create a color palette based on your logo, use the same filter for all your photos so that they have a form of unity, design post templates that you will reuse regularly…


Vary posts and stories

Apart from the publications you will make in your feed (photos, videos…), you must also think about stories! Indeed, Instagram's algorithm appreciates that you are active and that also involves the publication of stories. In fact, the people who view your stories are not necessarily the same people who will see your posts. So this is a good way to increase your visibility. You can decline the content of your feed into stories or create specific content. Use your creativity and do not hesitate to use the different features of the insta stories to have fun (quiz, survey, donation, questions…).


Invite your community to interact

On Instagram, as on any other social network, interaction is key. The more people like or comment on your posts, the more you can be seen. So remember to encourage your community to be active. This can involve the organization of contests, the invitation to share their opinion in comments, the establishment of participatory publications…


Post at the right time of the day / week


And yes, the day and time you post on Instagram can matter. It is not always easy to know exactly when to do it, as many factors come into play (publication theme, country, etc.). Later (post planning tool), shared her study in which she reviewed more than 12 million posts in January 2019. The goal is to define the most effective time slots to publish and promote your business on Instagram :


● The general time slot to be chosen whatever the day is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.,

● Monday: at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m,

● Tuesday: at 2 a.m. or 9 a.m,

● Wednesday: at 7 a.m. or 11 p.m,

● Thursday: 9 a.m. or 7 p.m,

● Friday: at 5 am or 3 pm,

● Saturday: at 11 am or 8 pm,

● Sunday: at 7 am or 4 pm.


Note: Instagram allows you to view the traffic statistics of your account, do not hesitate to use it to define more personalized publication ranges.
Use the right hashtags
Hashtags are also visibility factors that should not be overlooked on Instagram. You must compile a list of hashtags consistent with your theme and consider adding several to each post. You can put up to 30 under a post, this being a number between 9 and 12 may be more than enough. There are some tools that can help you find the right hashtags for your brand universe.


Think about an influencer strategy

Influencers can be very important levers of visibility and subscriber acquisition. It may therefore be interesting to think of a strategy in this direction. However, be careful about the choice of these people. They must share the same values ​​as yours so that your operation is appreciated by your community and theirs.


Budget for targeted advertising

Like Facebook (which has owned Instagram for a few years), Instagram offers an advertising platform to help you achieve different goals. Concretely, the goal is to spend to boost certain publications in a very targeted way. Indeed, the platform offers ultra precise targeting criteria which can be very effective. This will allow you to gain visibility and why not increase your number of subscribers.

Don't fall into the traps

When you do not know the platform well and / or receive poor advice, you can quickly fall into certain traps! Some people may, for example, offer to buy followers or participate in comment exchanges to create "fake" engagement. As enticing as these proposals may be, don't take the risk. Your account could be suspended or even deleted by the platform. To market your business on Instagram, take your time and focus on great content, authenticity, and real interactions.

Promote your business on Instagram with a coach

All of these tips sound great to you, but you don't know where to start? Like thousands of people, you have the possibility of calling on a specialist coach on Instagram like Nicolas Kern. It will be a real asset to guide you in your strategy and advise you - in a personalized way - on the actions to be implemented, to promote your business on Instagram.

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